SQLgiant: Quality SQL Server Services
Database, Storage and Virtualization Specialist
SQLgiant was formed in 2004 by Stuart Magee. My goal is simple: Make your SQL Server databases stable and trouble free and give you the tools to expertly manage it going forward.

With 25 years of in-depth database, programming and IT Systems experience in dozens of business environments, I have developed a unique blend of skills that deliver value to you.

For your SQL Server needs I can pinpoint and resolve your "impossible" problems, isolate performance and query tuning issues, plan and perform flawless Database migrations, establish bullet-proof Backup and Recovery methods, implement Security, Monitoring and do all the routine Admin tasks that matter.

As a bonus I am an expert server admin, storage specialist and virtualization junkie. And because I am more than just a techie geek I professionally document systems, relate appropriate detail to you and mentor your IT staff. Give me a chance to show you how much value I can offer at a very affordable rate. Contact me, the SQLgiant
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